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The whole group can write an example of a couple of stanzas of the Rainbow Poetry form. Individuals then work on either the Rainbow Poetry form or a form of their choice. Students will be intellectually engaged in challenging learning as they analyze various forms of poetry and find parts of speech as well as write their own poems.

Students will engage in inquiry as they try to locate parts of speech, identify them and decide how phrases are used as modifiers. The lesson is paced so the the student analyzes and then begins to write the poem from both examples and form. There will be choices for what type of poem to write, but the Rainbow form will be a clear form that any student may choose, and it will definitely teach specific parts of speech and phrases used as modifiers so the students will be able to use this knowledge in their speech and writing.

Seeing with Rainbow-Colored Eyes: The Importance of Teaching Kids Poetry

And do I not know your footsteps? Those brutal boots that crunch aloud along the corridors of death! Take my soul! Feed my flesh to the vultures!

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Paint the rainbow with the colours of my blood! Better for me to die like this than bow to your democratic subtleties! This spirit shall blaze in your darkened dawn like the fire of the sun. This voice shall be the cockcrow Of your voiceless dawn. These splashing tears shall wash away the stains still dripping from our wounded innocence. Listen to the throb of my pulse As it dances to the beats of a true dawn Not born by tyranny.

Not baptised with brutality. Democaracy, not crucified by truth! They promised to repaint rainbow on the bloodstained wings of the butterflies they mutilated with their bullets and boots, The dreams they blew off with bombs of greed into ashes of despair.

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They told us they had seen with their bloody eyes A better tomorrow somewhere in the distant sky — Their eyes of treachery so transparent of death. Our voices unloaded the bullets of silence Crying out for life in the pumping heart of June 12 —. In the dewy dawn of democracy The vampires of the nights have become bees Buzzing around the honeycombs of our sweetened struggles — Baptising their monstrous heads with the redeeming grace of our innocent blood innocent tears Our endless sweats…. Yet, no emissaries from the gods Nor from the ancestors to the emaciated earth.

With no words of hope in their dazzling dance-steps They weave in the wind; they toss and toss in turning wonders, swirling and twirling with costumes of death Splashing blood and tears on the long-abused masses in the sidelines of silence. When the dance is finally over and the last buttocks have rippled away with the lustful wind and the last laughter fades with the windy shadow and heads lie hopeless in their huts The masquerades need water to wash their faces —.

But our wells are empty, Our rivers dry, our calabash broken… our lives mad with misery. But like the anger of a defiled woman our sorrow shall rise bathing them with the blood of our stabbed hope and dream. Although now colourless, Must we open our doors To let the West come in To take away our sun?

Although now colourless, Must we open our doors To let the East come in To take away our rain? I search for rainbow in the sky, but there is no sunlight piercing through the ranting raindrops. In the emptiness, I begin to understand that if I could not look into the eyes of the living around me to see that the rainbow gleams there too. Is it our despair that paint these leaves brown and yellow? Our pain that leaves purple patches all over, withering away in the dryness of this seedless season of searing sorrows? Surely, it is the leaves of our hope That fall one by one in the dust-dyed wind, our hearts breaking apart by crackling twigs….

And like shriveled trees shedding brown harmattan tears Skeletons in tattered rags litter the dusty streets. Soon, the December fires will burn dried dreams again In this peculiar harmattan. By David Baker. If things were worse, this cursed rain. We are well satisfyed with the Layin out. Lazar house; other, on Dorchester Neck.

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Saw the New-raised meeting-house, Saw an appearance of. The Rainbow was very bright, and the Reflection. For the entire Compleateness. I hope this is a sure Token that. Sarah Banister, widow, dyes between 3.

News comes that Capt. Carver is Taken by two. Just as had written this I went to look. I think the setting of.

My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry
My Rainbow Poetry My Rainbow Poetry

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