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Fried describes, maybe without knowing it, a transgression from the authoritarian art-object of the Modernism described by Clement Greenberg, to a fragmented, multifaceted Post-modernism. What Bourriaud describes in his book Relational Asethetics Eng. The theatricality that Fried feared in the sixties had become a full-fledged art form by the early nineties. Considering crafts — which are NorwegianCrafts. In for example the works of Rirkrit Tiravanija, an artist Bourriaud mentions frequently, the traditional art object is absent and is replaced by a social situation.

The Art of the Possible: With and Against documenta 14 - Biennial Foundation

Tiravanija had his breakthrough in the early nineties with works such as Untitled Free. For this work, which was exhibited at Gallery in New York in , Tiravanija created a functional kitchen within the gallery walls and served Thai curry. The kitchen — the pots and pans, the oven etc. Usually it has a starting point in the material and, even though an idea or a function will precede the actual making of the object, the object itself is made when a maker, designer or manufacturer forms the material into something tangible. An equally important aspect is how and what the object communicates.

Gaitan states in a discussion with Christer Dynna published in this issue of NorwegianCrafts. The term social objects once again makes me think of Bourriaud and the aspect of relations. Even in studio-craft, which may be more about the object as an aesthetic object, the use-value is implied, and it is illustrated in this issue of NorwgianCrafts.

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But the functionality of the objects is here present on a mental level, as indicated by a possibility to function as something. Features top contemporary artists like Christopher Wool b. Berlin Biennale This Biennale takes place April-July in one of the largest and most exciting communities of contemporary artists in Europe. Set up in the style of the Venice Biennale's Aperto exhibition, the Berlin Biennale was founded in as a champion of cutting-edge postmodernism and to capitalize on the city's importance as a centre of avant-garde culture: a city famous for launching such movements as Dada and Fluxus.

See also: Guggenheim Berlin. Art Dubai Since its formation in , Art Dubai has been the leading contemporary art fair in the Gulf and is now an essential meeting point for collectors, artists, curators and other art experts from across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.

Art Dubai's Global Art Forum, involving leading arts professionals from the region is devoted to the promotion and dissemination of all arts and cultural works from the Middle East and North Africa, including Islamic art as well as secular works. See also: Museums of Islamic Art and Culture.

Bodypainting Festival Austria The World Body Painting Festival takes place each year in Austria, and attracts artists and tattooists from all over the globe. During the period to it was held in Seeboden, Carinthia, close to the Millstatter See, in late July. Since then, it has been staged at Portschach at lake Worthersee. The festival program includes performances, workshops, live demonstrations of face painting and exhibitions of folk art techniques as well as numerous demonstrations.

Dak'Art Biennial Dakar This biennial festival began in and is devoted exclusively to contemporary African art , including African sculpture as well as postmodernist forms, although it also includes exhibitions of more traditional tribal art. It takes place in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Documenta Held every five years in Kassel, Germany, Documenta is a major event in the world's art calendar, and compares - in both prestige and importance - with the top Biennales. An exhibition of contemporary art which attracts the world's top contemporary artists - including offbeat artists like Keith Haring - and which lasts for days hence its nickname "the museum of days" , it was set up in by artist and curator Arnold Bode as part of the Federal Horticultural Show, held in Kassel, in order to update the country's contribution to modern art, in the aftermath of " degenerate art " and other cultural disasters perpetrated by the Nazis.

Documenta is not a sales show and typically coincides with three other big events: Art Basel , Skulptur Projekte Munster and the Venice Biennale. It attracts up to , visitors. Edinburgh International Festival An umbrella title for many arts and cultural festivals held in Scotland, each August, which together form the largest yearly cultural festival in the world. It includes the Edinburgh Art Festival, the country's largest visual arts festival, whose program typically includes a diverse selection of exhibitions and events which take place throughout the city.

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See also: National Gallery of Scotland. The exhibition features over participating artists from over 70 different countries and attracts some 17, visitors.

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Frieze Art Fair London Founded in and held every October in Regent's Park, Frieze plays host to more than of the most dynamic galleries of contemporary art. Owners Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover also publish Frieze an international magazine devoted to postmodernist art. See also: Turner Prize. Galway Arts Festival Ireland's most important arts festival, attracting some , visitors annually, it takes place each July in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Its visual art content includes works of painting, caricature art , mime, assemblage, performance and plastic art.

See: Contemporary Irish Artists. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Established in , this winter sculpture event takes place during the month of January in the city of Harbin in windswept Northeast China. Participating ice sculptors employ a variety of techniques, from lasers to ice lanterns. Exhibits include full size buildings made from blocks of ice taken from the nearby Songhua River. Devoted to the art of India , it focuses mainly on contemporary forms, but includes other exhibits, including aspects of India's rich heritage of ancient art.

documenta 14 Kassel: Neue Neue Galerie

Heir to the traditions of Byzantine art , this showcase of contemporary art from both Europe and Asia is one of the most prestigious art events in the region. See also: Japanese Art. Quebec Winter Festival Carnaval de Quebec Started initially way back in , but held annually since , the festival runs for the first three weeks or so of February, and features ice sculpture as well as the usual range of winter activities, including the traditional bikini snow bath event. Sandfest Texas Every April, Port Arkansas in Texas plays host to one of the strangest events in the calendar of American art: the Sandfest competition for sand sculpture.

Plastic art like you have never seen it before. Participating artists include a number of world-class sand sculptors.

documenta 14 Kassel: Neue Galerie

Sao Paulo Art Biennial Established in , it is the oldest biennial in the Americas and the second oldest art biennial in the world after the Venice Biennale, which began in Noted for its curated themed exhibitions, the Sao Paulo Biennial specializes in Brazilian, Latin American and international contemporary art. Sapporo Snow Festival Founded in , when six students built a number of snow statues in a local park, this 7-day winter arts festival is held every February in Sapporo, Japan, and attracts some 2 million visitors.

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The program includes the Sapporo International Snow Sculpture Contest, as well as exhibits of ice architecture - including mazes, theatres and other structures. The festival ranks alongside the annual Harbin Ice Sculpture festival in China. Shanghai Biennial Founded in , it began as a showcase of traditional Ink-and-Wash Painting techniques, and some calligraphy , by Chinese painters from the Shanghai region.

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  • Since then it has grown extensively, and now features cutting edge movements like Cynical Realism , as well as conceptual art , installations, digital and video art and several other disciplines. In it featured 50 participating postmodernist artists , of whom just under 20 were from China. This biennial is the major contemporary art event in the city, and is usually held in September at the Shanghai Art Museum.

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