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#UISGPlenary: Weaving Global Solidarity for Life

Next time I would take more care in lining up the sections more accurately. I wrapped the second half of the scarf in short half-inch sections in a random pattern. After weaving, they remind me of falling rain and I like how the wrapped areas have a different appearance when they are woven with natural, compared to the areas woven with red. In the centre, between the two warp ikat areas, I placed a small amount of weft ikat in a pretty pattern.

Because the weft shots were longer than the width of the scarf, I gathered the ends together in braids. I look forward to getting to know each individual better over the next few weeks, as I introduce you to the gentle art of spinning yarn. I love watching the progress as tense, wobbly movements with many breaks and joins produce that first lumpy yarn.

A week later, movements and thread begin to smooth out and breathing is calmer. Spinning, I believe, is an inherited instinct.

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As our spun threads strengthen, so too, do our connections to each other, and to our ancestors. Welcome new friends to our spinning community.

Weaving My Life, Sitting with Death

Hope you like the neighbourhood. On the big loom, the Queen of my studio, I have a pale pink warp for some subtle Spring shawls. Twenty-four inches wide in the reed, and it will be woven to 84 inches long. In the finishing, I will attempt to add tassels in the same multi-strand accent thread. On Loomella, the 8 shaft Baby Wolf, I am in the process of sleying an Ikat warp hand-dyed in a beautiful shade of carmine red.

There are two distinct wrapped section, one more formal, and one more casual, so the two ends of the scarf will be unique. I did dye a little bit of Weft Ikat, which will also play its part in the finished scarf. Excited to see where this will lead. So, if you are interested in the draft, this is the blog to look at.

The tencel is doubled for the pattern warp, and the background cloth is black and white stripes. It is a lot of fun, and I would be happy to do more. This piece had to go on a table loom because it requires 24 treadles. A workout for my arms flipping toggles, but worth it. All the work is in warping and dressing the loom, after that the weaving is smooth sailing with one shuttle of black tencel. It is a delight watching the supplementary threads dive over and under the ground cloth. Imagine having the luxury to take a year-long workshop with your favourite weaving teacher.

An internship really. Over the course of the year Jane delivered eleven episodes and seven sample warps in Season Two: Colour and Design. Thanks, Jane Stafford, for a superb year. Now that the last piece for the year has been woven, I am taking the time to reflect on this year of weaving and playing and to think about what I learned and gained from this experience. I received seven complete drafts exploring Colour and Design. I made seven warps, totaling 58 yards. For these warps I sleyed and threaded 2, ends, and then re-sleyed them all over again to change setts throughout the projects.

Skip to content. Home About Camel and Silk. Thanks to my peers who voted for me, and Salem Fiber Arts Guild for providing the award. Scarf 2 — weft is 2. What a joy it was to weave these two scarves in Supplementary Warp technique. I am so motivated to continue exploring this technique. Posted in Weaving Tagged colour , hand weaving , handwoven , Scarf , scarves , supplementary warp , tencel , Weaving 4 Comments. Ikat Explorations Posted on February 23, by spinweaverbarbara. When woven, though, they came out looking crisp, and filled the space effectively, as planned.

Community Weaving - Dawn Livera

Overall, a fun, conversational piece to wear. Posted in Weaving Tagged colour , cotton , dyeing , hand weaving , handwoven , ikat , Scarf , Textiles 6 Comments. Welcome New Spinners Posted on January 18, by spinweaverbarbara. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. Over the next six months, I learned each step in the weaving process by watching Roberta demonstrate how she did it, and then trying it myself.

I bought a secondhand loom, and she came over to help me put the first warp threads on. Now that I could weave at home, I savored the process even more. What was it about weaving that so lit me up every time I had 20 spare minutes to devote to the craft? Well, for starters, there was the thread.

The first time I visited a weaving store, I nearly wept in ecstasy at the colors. Immersed in a rainbow that varied in texture from silk to chenille, cotton to wool, mohair to linen, I wanted to buy everything. I had to rein in this impulse and only purchase the three cones of thread I actually needed to weave placemats for friends that we would be visiting in six weeks.

This would be my first solo project. Roberta was on call, but I would attempt each step of the complex weaving process myself. It seemed like magic that these cones of thread could end up as placemats. I got to choose color, texture, size, and pattern. I could add borders if I wanted, or leave the placemats plain. The creative process was multi-layered, and involved everything from mathematical calculations to subjective aesthetic decisions. In the center of my loom, fabric materialized in what had been empty space, growing longer and more lovely with each throw of the shuttle.

Weaving our love of quality footwear with creating a positive impact in the world.

I could see it taking shape, thread by thread and inch by inch. I could run my hands across the surface of the placemats and feel the pattern variations.

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At one point in my younger life, I wrote myself into being, using the act of writing to shed light on my hidden interior life. Now I sat at my loom and wove a set of placemats, the very act a creative leap of faith, a statement that even nearing my sixtieth birthday, I could learn a whole new set of skills and put those skills to work in a practical and fulfilling way.

I was weaving a happier me into being, learning to balance my writing life with a craft that resulted in a tangible creation I could give as a gift. I was harmonizing head and hands, words and thread. And when I gave the placemats to our friends, complete with the caveat that I was a freshly-minted weaver, their eyes were drawn to the colors and thread patterns, not the errors.

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What they received was the enjoyment that I wove into every inch and the love that flowed out from that enjoyment. And whenever I have 20 spare minutes, the magic of weaving captivates me all over again. My yoga and writing practice makes me more mindful of the nuances of color and the changing afternoon light as it plays on the threads.

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