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'Thousand and One Words' Photoblog is Quirky

I opened my PC, created a new file, arranged my hands on the keyboard and typed an excellent title and then spaced down for the words to come. I sat for perhaps an hour, staring at my hands on the keyboard, the blank screen, and the clock on the wall. Whose idea was it for me to go after this dumb challenge anyway? I am a blessedly stubborn person.

Since I said I was going to do it if only to myself , I was in it until there were 1, words on the page. Passing out was not an escape from the commitment.

One thousand, one hundred and ninety three: how to say numbers (1)

It was death or get it done. Somehow, some way, I managed the 1, words. It took me all day, full-on willpower buckled perilously tight, full-on dramatic sighs that no one heard but me. The way that I finally managed it was to goad myself into writing words at a shot.

The done, I was free I told you that I have a nasty taskmaster Ego to get another cup of coffee, stare out the window, clean a toilet, go out and get the mail, pat the dog, think about a snack and realize that there was nothing to good to eat in the house so I had to start a grocery list. If this day sounds like a terrible slog, let me assure you it was ten times worse than anything you can imagine.

The next day was not any better. One important thing to remember is that we say and after hundreds, before the tens 20, 30, etc or units 1, 2, etc :. Another common learner error is to use of after numbers. You should not say of before the things you are counting:. There are around a hundred and fifty of fish in the pond. However we do use the phrases hundreds of, thousands of and millions of to describe a general large number of something:. For a round number, i. For hundreds that are more than , we are most likely to use a , though again the use of one makes it more emphatic:.

You have been late for work one hundred and twenty three times this year. In my next post, I will look at the way we talk about numbers in mathematics — for example how to say things like 9.

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Pingback: One thousand, one hundred and ninety three: how to say numbers 1 — Cambridge Dictionary About words blog Aug 31, Editorial Words. Where did you go to school? I was taught that as well. Same here. Louis, Missouri.

Reblogged this on StatsLife. The last was incorrect. Reblogged this on shukrimahmoodmohamed. This lesson has solved my problems of how to spell numbers, thanks for the useful one. You may find some ideas for your next lessons from this comment, i guess. Please, could you explain to us why we say England is a european … instead of England is an european…? So it sounds like a consonant.

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You must have now got the hang of it. Dear Liz, Thanks a lot for this post. In , I was in second grade in Salem county, New Jersey. Ever since then, I have heard more numbers with the and than without. I still remember that second grade lesson each year when I give my two reports. Example: John invited Sam and I to the baseball game. Awesome blog as always!!

Writing One Thousand Words a Day

Can you please explain whether to use plural for units? Thank you, Shradda! Yes, you do need to use plural for units over 1: kilometers or kilometres as we say in British English! Can you describe it in any of the languages you know? Of course, you can.

The Thousand and One Nights

You have the idea in your mind, and you are painting it with your words. That, my friends, is a word picture. The thing is, we interpreters usually get so stuck in the words themselves that we lose sight of the larger picture. In an effort to capture every nuance, every modifier and every detail, we forget to pay attention to the story these words are painting.

Meanwhile, the interpreter who is lost in the individual words themselves becomes overwhelmed. It is about listening, picturing, and understanding until a clear image of what the speaker is saying has been painted in our minds. At that point, our job becomes simple.

We just have to paint that picture in the other language. As with most things, this is always easier said than done. But the tricky part is not the initial attention we must pay or the final words we choose to paint the picture. Rather, it is calming our minds of all distractions so that we can focus on the speaker with the utmost concentration.

To remember, we must forget what will come later.

Darkest Hour - With A Thousand Words To Say But One [HD] 1080p Lyrics

We must trust in our ability to listen and to speak, and then polish our attention until it is razor sharp. The next time you have a moment at home you should always test new techniques at home before applying them to a real-life situation listen to a quick segment of a speech.

A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words
A Thousand and One Words A Thousand and One Words

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